Tea Dresses

Sixties Shift Dresses



Made by me in exactly your size from original patterns of the era in your choice of lovely, high quality, new, easy to wash fabrics. Here's how it works:-

First, decide what you would like

Fifties-style tea dress, a Sixties Shift dress, forties style Blouse or a forties-style Hawaiian shirt. Post is extra.

Now the measuring

Either book a fitting in the shop in Haworth or by ringing us on 0798 447 3015, or do it yourself using these guidelines:

Tea dress: Bust, Waist (the bit above your hips and below your ribcage), Back (back of your neck to your waist) and Length (from your waist to the bottom of the skirt length you want). 

Sixties shift dress: Bust, Waist, Hips and Length (back of your neck to the bottom of the skirt length you want).

Shirts: Easy for the lads – just Small, Medium, Large or Extra-large, whatever you normally take. 

Now go to our online shop and order your made to measure dress or shirt!

Choose the fabric

Easy if you’re in the shop or ordering online.  Simply choose from the materials available.